Warning: I'm about to go all Bollywood on you lovely Maharanis! I'm sure you all have seen the Bollywood classic, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, right? Well, when I first looked at these incredible garba pictures by Patrick Holloway, the very first one below reminded me of the scene between Kajol and Salman Khan at their engagement when he grabs her chuni and she's looking back at him. The excitement and playfulness in that moment on-screen can absolutely be seen in this photo below and it's simply adorable! Not only that, but throughout the photos, Maharani Payal's turquoise, dark purple, and fuchsia colored choli mixed with Vikas's sherwani is definitely a sight to see. Gorgeous Studio did a phenomenal not only designing Payal's outfits, but making sure the colors matched the theme of the ceremony as well.

Maharanis, if you thought this was beautiful, just wait until you see the wedding, coming up next!