Hold onto your tiaras Maharanis, because I have just the thing for you all today.  You are probably knee deep in lengha designs, color palettes, mandap ideas and you haven’t even started on the big one yet.  The seating chart.  Well, with all the work and excitement of planning the big day with your rockstar vendors, who has time to plan that perfect honeymoon?  Enter Jetsetter, and their ultimate planning service.  One of their professional travel writers will plan your trip down to the perfect candlelight, wine pairing dinner or an  outdoor, action adventure of a lifetime.  And, not just anybody can be a travel writer, I mean this is Jetsetter after all.  Their travel writers have actually visited, researched, ate, drank and spa-d first hand at all of these resorts.  (Talk about a dream job!) And, the best part is that Jetsetter matches you up with a travel expert who shares the same interests as you.  So, whether you love diving with sharks or prefer to enjoy the ocean from the comfort of your private sailboat, you can bet your life jacket that you are in the right hands.
Maharanis, you are never going to believe this, your own, personal Greek Island or Amazon adventure expert costs only $150 bucks! Enter the code "Maharani" and Jetsetter will knock another $50 bucks off through November 30th! And, the very best part is your $100 is fully refunded once you book your hotel through Jetsetter.  They can book ANY hotel, not just a Jetsetter Hotel, but with their carefully curated  collection of fabulous, researched names, why trust your dream honeymoon to anyone else?

So, what are you waiting for?  Head over to Jetsetter and let the fantasy honeymoon planning begin!
PSSSST! You don't have to be a Maharani-to-be to use this service.  Any former Maharani planning a Babymoon or a First Anniversary Trip can use the Jetsetter Honeymoon Planning Service too!