This bright and beach-y Laguna Beach E-session by AaronEye Photography makes me want to sing and dance and splash in the ocean waves!  What a bright blue sky to match the bright smiles on the faces of these two lovebirds! This engagement session in one word: dynamite!

 From Maharani Anuradha:
As a total California girl growing up on Hindi movies, there was no better way to combine the two than a Bollywood on the Beach engagement shoot! Donning a white sari, I wanted to evoke feelings of purity and love in the context of a beautiful landscape!  I also wanted an unconventional beach backdrop that had rock formations to add a dynamic element to the pictures. Dramatic, clean and technically sound our photographer did a great job with post-production to really enhance the natural beauty of our locations. One of my favorite pictures however is the romantic flying purple dupatta in Dilwale style pose. 
See you all tomorrow!