From the moment I got this New York City Indian wedding by Imagique I have been DYING to share it with all of you.  Of course it has the usually elements that get me hyper…the bride’s amazing eyes, loads of jewelry,  and of course all captured spectacularly by Imagique.  But, this film stood out to me in particular because it reminded me of the very best piece of wedding advice I have ever received. “On the day of your wedding, let EVERYTHING go.  Things are bound to go wrong, but if you just roll with it, you will have a great time.”  Well, you will never, ever believe that this Indian wedding took place in the midst of hurricane Irene.  Talk about a challenge, but this couple handled it beautifully!

From Imagique :
The threat of Hurricane Irene bearing down on everyone did absolutely nothing to discourage or dissuade anyone present from having a great time. Literally one of the most raucous weddings we’ve ever shot. These people just wanted to dance. And dance they did. The sangeet, the wedding, the reception. It was a huge, fun party. Chirag and Sonali were gracious hosts and made us feel very special. Big fan of these two wonderful people!
Speaking of wonderful, worked with two very special people in Wrinkle In Time photography. Immediately clicked with these guys and they felt like old friends. LOVE THEM.
Irene threw off timing of everything so we made a decision with the couple to just do a trailer at the wedding and make something shorter. Once i spent 5 mins with this couple and their friends, knew the perfect song. One I had been waiting for the right wedding to use. This was it.
Happy Halloween weekend Maharanis!  What are you dressing up as?  I am going to be a hula dancer!