It’s Diwali, and I still haven’t nailed down exactly what I want this year.  But, who can blame me? After perusing through Shop-Tuile’s Lookbook, it is going to be a while before I can make up my mind.  This regal collection of designer rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings has this jewelry junkie doing back flips.  Worn by Hollywood and Bollywood icons such as Halle Berry and Sonam Kapoor, I definitely want to add one of these splendid creations to my treasure chest.

Shop-Tuile is the only online boutique to retail Amrapali, Suhani Pittie and Dipika Vijay Jewelry. And, most of their pieces are handcrafted in Sterling Silver, not mass produced.  So, each piece is special and unique, just like the Maharani it was meant for!  Best part is that they have free shipping and a 30 day returns on every order, so there is no hassle or stress.  So, check out the Shop-Tuile Lookbook, and see what catches your fancy!
Diwali finale coming right up....and of course, it is firework worthy!