Happy Diwali Maharanis! From the whole team at Maharani Weddings and I, we want to wish everyone a year filled with love & laughter, and that all your Maharani fantasies come true!  It has been an amazing year for Maharani Weddings, and we can’t wait to see where the new year takes us.  So, make sure that you pay special attention today and check back with us because we are going to be having some special Diwali updates just for you.
Now, to get the year off to a glorious start we have a divine New York Indian wedding by Damion Edwards Photography. With phenomenal décor and lighting by Design House Décor, this wedding will make you think you are watching Kim’s Fairytale wedding all over again. But first, in the sparkling spirit of Diwali, my favorite little tid bit. My mom always told me that you should coax your husband early on to buy you a piece of jewelry every Diwali, so the habit is set for years to come!  Well, after I laid my peepers on these gorgeous gold kalira, my wish list has run wild.  I definitely want something gold, and Indian inspired.  Something like these kalira, I mean they are just perfect for a Maharani!

Light your candles and meet me back here for some more Diwali fun!