I hope you Maharanis are ready to be excited this fine morning because we are getting started with some absolutely gorgeous getting-ready photos.   These spectacular photos from the very talented Vijay Rakhra of Wedding Documentary capture every little sparkling detail like I could never have imagined.  My eyes are glued to the screen today and I am not only completely tantalized by them, but totally awe-struck.  I am so in love with the ruby red, gold and diamond set and their sparkle just does something to me-- and I have to catch my breath!  From head to toe, this Maharani has every little detail all set and ready to go.  From those simply sophisticated ivory heels to the matching gold toned lengha to her groom, who looks so sharp... I am just dying to see the bride!

If you want to finally see this Maharani all dolled up... hang in there! It's coming right up!