There is one reason, among many, that I have fallen majorly in love with this New Jersey Indian Wedding by Damion Edwards Photography.  First off, the photography is to die for, capturing each special moment from just that perfect angle that makes the bride and groom look spectacular while including all the happenings.  I remember looking at my parents wedding photographs and wedding video from years and years ago when they got married, and I suppose since I saw them with such serious looks on their faces during their ceremony, that I assumed it was always that.  Well, that was until I saw this Indian wedding.  I am absolutely thrilled to see such beautiful huge smiles on their faces and how much fun they are having through each and every bit of the ceremony.  This bride has the absolute perfect mega-watt Maharnai smile and I have fallen head over heels for her and her pearly whites!

Wasn't that sweet?  Wait'll you see the reception!