Maharani Weddings is thrilled to have partnered with some fantastic advertisers! From personal shoppers to designer consignment shopping, we are excited to introduce them you. Just a tip, keep your eyes peeled to enter to win a gift certificate exclusively for Maharani readers!


There is nothing more frustrating than running around Dehli like a maniac trying to find your bridal lengha and everything else that you could possibly need for your Indian wedding in a week. I mean, what kind of crazy system is that and wouldn’t that make the best reality TV show? Anyways, 2012 Maharanis, your life just got a whole lot easier!  Enter Rani by Neha Mahajan - a Maharani’s solution to drama-free, stress-free shopping in India.  Neha and her team will put together personalized shopping itineraries based on your specific style and budget. So fashionista Maharanis will find out about the latest runway looks, while more traditional Maharanis will be transformed into the perfect Indian bride.  And, for those Maharanis who can’t fly all the way to India, Rani by Neha Mahajan has special shopping services if you can’t personally make the trip. Whether you are shopping for your bridal lengha, jewelry, invitations, kalira, or anything wedding related you could possibly need, Rani by Neha Mahajan can help.

Best part is, Rani by Neha Mahajan is giving away a $250 gift certificate for one lucky Maharani reader!  To enter simply leave a comment with your wedding date and the contest ends on Sunday 10/9/2011 at 9pm PST, so hurry and enter today!


When I feel like I need some change in my life, I always go through my closet and find some unworn clothes to donate.  I always feel lighter, more organized, and ready to let the new energy flow!  Well, I was amazed to stumble upon Evolving Attire, a new site that gives women a place to recycle their Indian clothes! So, you know that sari you wore once for your first year anniversary reception or that lengha that is just too heavy to muster up the energy to get into again?  Simply head over to Evolving Attire and you can list your piece AND buy something new with your new found cash.  Now that is what I call a win/win!

We are thrilled to work with these fabulous companies and know that you will adore them as much as we do!