You gotta love those intimate moments before a Hindu ceremony where the bride is getting oh-so beautifully dressed for her big day. Those moments are so special, so magical, and so tearfully joyful. From the incredible make-up done by Dale Dees, to the dark and intricate mendhi by Sumaiya Waheed, our Maharani is perfectly exquisite! Not to mention the fascinating kaliras adorning Kavita's hands and that awesome shade of pink in her shaadi ka joda, it's no wonder that our groom Tarun fell head over heels for this beauty! He even had his outfit match that of his wife-to-be's. Now, if that's not love, I don't know what is! With so many gorgeous images by Kat Braman Photography I am going to bookmark this Indian wedding as one of my very favorites!

Just look at the gorgeous smile on Kavita's face! It makes me smile just looking at how happy she is!
Be back soon with more, so don't go away Maharanis! But to hold you over until the next post, check out these awesome engagement party photos!