I recently had the chance to spend the day with the lovely Susmta Patel of Studio Sush, and I was totally blown away by her passion and knowledge of the field of beauty.  Yes, I had seen her amazing portfolio, spoken to countless brides who were obsessed with her, and knew that she does phenomenal work. But what I didn’t know was that Sushmita has the ability to transform a bride so she looks and feels her very best.  I know it might sound slightly insane, but for a Maharani who adores wearing only mascara and Lululemons a little too much, Susmta transformed me into a red lipstick rocking diva, where I actually asked her if I could wear it every day.  After a few minutes of work by her magical brushes and expert touch, I stood a little straighter, smiled a little brighter, and felt as though I was ready to conquer the world.  Now the only thing that I can imagine is being one of her Indian brides, on their wedding day AND feeling the same way. Lucky ducks! When I see Maharani Meghna walking down the aisle, not only does she look like a million bucks, I know that she feels the same way too.