With a bride as beautiful as Sahina, it is only fitting that her wedding day be equally as gorgeous.  The talented team at The Design House completely rocked this New York Indian wedding with their signature lighting and modern flare.  Just take a look at the stage.  Dripping with crystals, kissing balls, and candles it is making the Maharani maniac inside me come out at full force. As Rachel Zoe would say, “It’s totally MAJ.” And, I hadn’t even mentioned the wedding cake yet. As stunning as the décor is, nothing tops the sweet sentimental stories that Sahina shared about her wedding.  They make my heart melt, and I know that her family will enjoy reminiscing about the wedding stories for years to come.  I mean, isn’t that what it is really about anyhow?!

I am going to do a costume change because we have the Walima coming up next.  Back in a flash!