When I see that signature mega-watt smile that is so characteristic of a Maharani, I instantly feel my heart beat a little faster.  The instant I saw the smile captured on Maharani Caroline's face by Alison Yin Photography, I was blown away for so many reasons.  I love how that exact moment when the bride's inner joy comes out, she is completely uninhibited for that one split second.  It's a look of sheer ecstatic joy, and lucky for us, Alison captured the moment perfectly.  It's so amazing to see such beautifully romantic moments caught in a style of pure simple photography.  I don't know what it is about a groom kissing his bride on the forehead, but it's so uber-sweet that it's my absolute favorite sight.   And, when I saw these two lovebirds captured so naturally in that very pose, surrounded by the rustic setting, in that fabulous organic style of Alison Yin Photography, it is no surprise that my jaw hit the floor.

Her smile is so big, that it's contagious! And I can't help but smile too.  More coming up soon!