I love checking out photos of the bride and groom getting ready on their big day because there is a special glow just exuding from the couple and it just makes my heart melt! I mean, just look at that smile on Maharani Mohini's beautiful face as she puts on her chudis! Mohini's wedding joda is simply beautiful because it mixes both a classic and modern look into one incredible piece of clothing! Coordinating outfits is pretty important when planning a wedding and Mohini and Sumir totally nailed all theirs. From the garba, as you saw, to the wedding and to the reception which you will see very soon, their outfits are so glamorous and elegant and match perfectly. I'm dying to find out where these two went shopping because wherever they went, I'm going to have to add to my list!

How fun are those pictures with Sumir dancing on his way to see his bride!? Nothing is going to stop him from getting his bride, that's for sure! Stay tuned because the wedding is coming up next!