Good morning my lovely Maharanis! I don't know how the weather is for you all, but where I'm at, it is definitely a cloudy, dreary and rainy morning. With this kind of weather, the last thing you want to do is get out of that warm, comfy bed! Not to worry though ladies, I'm here to brighten your morning with an oh-so beautiful wedding by Rebecca Enslein from The Studio B Photography and a couple that will make you forget about Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.
Let's first begin with one of this gujarati girl's favorite events: the garba! I love the pink haar that is adorning the Ganesh, along with the diyas circling the statue. And surrounding that is pots full of pink and orange dandiya sticks for the guests! I love the way they incorporated those two colors into everything with that design, it definitely creates such a magical look! Now turn your glimmering eyes towards our Maharani Mohini and her stunning royal purple, light blue, and pink detailed lengha. I'm in love!! The colors flow together so well and with that, match the pink and orange colors too! From the looks of it, I think everyone enjoyed getting their “garba” on with this fabulous couple!

So whatever the weather may be where you're at ladies, grab that hot cup of chai and meet me back here in a little bit for so much more!