I am totally loving this Indian fusion wedding highlight by Chris Watson Studios. From the gorgeous yellow jai malas to the traditional Hindu ceremony, family was definitely a strong theme to the day.  So much so, that the Maharani actually wore her mom’s wedding sari from 35 years ago.  Now, if that isn’t a best blessing for the future, I can’t think of what else would be!  Not to mention the graceful silk sari looks stunning on the bride.  Accented with sweet jasmine for her hair, it’s as if I can almost smell them!

Here are some links to keep your Friday work day buzzing right along...
I am doing some serious R&R this weekend, and I am dying to try this homemade sugar scrub.
It's no secret I love me some jewels, and this Cleopatra style necklace, is going to be on my Christmas wish list!
I love seeing Indian wedding inspiration influencing western weddings. Check out Preston doing Peacock and Maharani Maroons!
And, finally, we have a new member of our Maharani Team!  We are thrilled to have the lovely Divya as part of our club, and check out here uber-gorgeous wedding here.
Have a fabulous weekend Maharanis!