This is one picturesque Indian wedding, so let me just give you a heads up right now.  You might want to consider grabbing a tissue or two or three for these uber-romantic, lovey-dovey photos by G+H Photography!  What got me dabbing my eyes was the image of the sindhoor, which is a red or red-orange colored powder applied to the hairline of a woman.  In Indian culture, this is the mark of a married woman and single women do not wear this special red powder.  The red sindoor is significant for the married woman as she full of color and full of life!  And, this is exactly what I see in Maharani Shradha!  She is truly glowing and is looking absolutely divine in her gorgeous red and gold lengha with hints of deep green. I love how no matter how hard she tries... I can always spot that little hidden smile full of joy!

How awesome are those pattakas (fireworks) of celebration right there?  Yup, this wedding is literally bursting with happiness and joy!
But it's not over yet! Stay right there for more New Delhi delight!

Photography: G&H Photo & Cinema