How do I love this Indian wedding?  Let me count the ways…First the images by Jason Groupp Photography instantly took my breath away. Next, the charming details that are filled to the brim made me giddier than the usual.  Right up there on my list of fabulous-ness is her totally stunning mendhi.  Dainty and precise, I am crazy about this particular design. The fourth  has got to be the bride, who stopped me right in my blogging tracks.  I am having a major obsession with her jewelry, and I think that Coco may have be a wee bit wrong when she said, “turn around and remove one accessory.” I mean, how could you possibly part with any of those lovely necklaces?  That takes me to my jewelry OBSESSION, and it’s a good thing that I have the whole day to gush about this Indian wedding, because it’s jam packed with SO much inspiration!

Grab a cup of chai and meet me right here. Back in a bit Maharanis!