It’s Indian Summer in San Francisco, so I am ready to run out the door to my weekend of outdoor fun.  But, before I pack up for the day, I just had to share this Instant Edit by Hakimson Films.  I am a tiny bit obsessed with this Texas Fusion Indian weddings because they had two ceremonies!  But, what really takes my breath away is the way Hakimson Films edited the ceremonies and joined them into one beautiful cinematic experience.  After all, isn’t that what a wedding is about?  Two people, two backgrounds, and even two ceremonies becoming one….lucky for us the romance starts right now!

From Hakimson Films :
Our team witnessed a beautiful Hindu Ceremony and Wedding Ceremony followed up a ground shaking reception for Mr. & Mrs Elena and Prashant Patel this weekend. The families of diverse background (Greek & Indian cultures) came together to celebrate this union and make this a truly memorable weekend for the couple.  The weekend festivities included Puja (Indian Ceremony), Civil ceremony, Baraat (Groom’s  Procession), Hindu ceremony, and Reception. We showcased a same day edit (SDE) at the reception which left the families and friends in tears. 
To make sure this Friday afternoon flies by, here are some of my favorite inspirations from this week on the web…
This weekend I am practicing this hair trick so I can look totally chic after stepping out of the pool.
I am also going shopping!  Since every Maharani loves red, my Fall 2011 won’t be complete without a pair of these pants.
While I am downtown these shoes are on my must check out list. These shoes would be RAD with a salvar, jeans, or dress.
Speaking of RAD...What better way to spoil your bridemaids than with diamond earrings?  Check out this contest to win 6 pairs!
Remember Pacific Picture’s insane SDE that we featured from Pelican Hill? Well, I am thrilled to see that Andrena Photography is strutting her photography stuff in this month’s issue of Grace Ormonde!
Have a fabulous weekend Maharanis!