You guys know that I am a total sucker for Indian weddings, but this oh-so lovely same day edit by our friends over at Film Style Weddings, is the epitome of type Indian weddings that I LOVE. It’s filled with that chewy-gooey stuff that Indian wedding dreams are made of, and frankly, it has been moved to the top of my all time favorite’s list.  Of course, it’s jam packed with dynamite details like a totally gorg mandap, fab lengha, and out-of-control jewelry, but it’s the love, affection, and emotion behind the wedding are really what made my eyes start to tear up. The way the dad looks at his daughter? The way the groom looks at his bride?  It’s no wonder that I am a blubbering mess today! I hope that you remembered your water-proof mascara, because this one is that good!

Much more Indian wedding fun on the way!