There is only one word to describe this bridal party: FUN!  Actually, it is beyond fun!  Not only is there a mega-watt smile on the face of this Maharani but there is a mega-watt smile on everyone's face! I can't believe the groom and groomsmen actually jumped into the pool! When it's a hot day and I see a pool, I say it all the time: "It's so hot outside, I just wanna jump in right now!"  I never actually do it because I'll mess up my hair or my makeup and ruin my clothes... so I still can't believe these groomsmen did it in their wedding attire!  Once again, good thing AaronEye Photography was there to capture the moment!  I'm giving them all a BIG KUDOS for being spontaneous and fun!  A big props to Maharani Anuradha too... for letting her Maharaja jump into a pool just like that!

Keep that big smile on your faces... the wedding ceremony is next!