As a mini Maharani growing up, I was absolutely obsessed with Indian weddings. I loved every major event and every minor detail that went into making a Maharani's sapna come true. But there was one thing that bothered me. No sir, this tiny little portion always, without fail, made me upset. I mean, weddings are supposed to be these happy, exciting, joyful occasions with all of the lucky couple's closest family and friends. There should be no tears involved! Two wonderful people have just joined each other as man and wife and are now starting the rest of their lives together. This is a happy moment, right? Then why though, was every single person from the bride's side tearing up? At the time, it didn't make much sense to me, but I've grown to realize and appreciate that this moment, this very short yet tearfully emotional moment is one that every parent waits for and cherishes. It's a moment that means, as parents, it's time to  give their sweet, wonderful little baby girl into the protective hands of her soul mate and give the new couple their blessings. As a bride, it's a moment filled with emotions pulling you in every direction. You're happy because you're finally married! And yet, the time has come to leave your parent's home, your home from the time you were born. It's a moment that is like no other, and words simply cannot describe the beautiful moment shared between Komal and her mother below.

Those tears were quickly wiped away though when our dashing groom arrived on a studly white horse to make our Maharani all his, once and for all!
Time for a quick break, but we'll be back with some more of this jaw-dropping Maharani soon!