I have one of those silly smiles on my face that I just can’t hide today!  And, how can you blame me?  Not only is this sweet rustic Indian wedding the very thing to get your heart a thumpin’, but we are featuring it alongside our friends over at The Wedding Chicks.  As someone who could spend hours in a flower shop {admiring, not working}, ceremony flowers are my very favorite floral of the whole wedding day.  This mandap designed by Leslie Goldberg of Dandeloin Events and created by FleurEssence  made my jaw fall on the floor. It might look humble at first, but it is actually quite infatuating.   The hand strung carnations are a nod to the traditional, while their scattered suspension and color gives a modern touch to the mandap.  And, let’s talk about those jai malas!  Full and luscious, it’s like I can almost smell those sweet roses. With so much romance tucked around each beautiful corner of this wine country fusion wedding, this Maharani is going to spend her day swooning!

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you, your groom and the things you love.  So, when I saw these mango lassis I immediately started laughing.  Now, you must be thinking, why on earth is a mango lassi so funny?!  Well, we served them at my wedding, and nothing was funnier to my wedding planner than the fact that my husband and I are both allergic to mango! Imagine that, a match made in heaven, two Indian people, both allergic to mango!  Anand and I love mango lassi, we just don’t love them enough to land ourselves in the ER!
More Indian wedding fun on the way!