I am so excited for today!  Not only do we have a drop-dead gorgeous Indian wedding for you all but I am thrilled to welcome our newest editor, Shivani, to the pages of Maharani Weddings. Shivani brings her beautifully stylish words and zest for Indian weddings to the blog, and I am so happy to have her on board. While I am working on a special surprise for tomorrow, Shivani has a insanely awesome day in store!
Hello and good morning Maharanis! I'm so excited to start your Wednesday off with such a bright, beautiful, and simply dazzling wedding from Atlanta, Georgia. I love the photographs from Smita Photography because she does such an exceptional job showcasing the beaming “jodi” on their big day. Get ready ladies, because this is one wedding that you won't forget!
It's an old folklore that has been passed down through many generations, from our moms, to our grandmothers, to our great-grandmothers, and so on. As a young girl, my mom would always say that the darker your mendhi, the more your husband loves you. Whenever I hear this story, I swear I get goosebumps because there's something so romantic about the idea. It gives you a sense of strength knowing that your love can conquer anything and everything in its path, and I think that's exactly how Bijal must have felt once her stunning mendhi had dried. All you need is a quick glance at Bijal's intricately-designed mendhi by the talented individuals at Ruby Beauty Center and you immediately realize just how much Anandh loves his beautiful bride!
Bijal's Mendhi

Don’t go anywhere ladies, we have so much more coming up for you from this Indian weddng, but just a quick hint, think "Sesame Street." See you in a bit!