You know how some girls OBSESS about the dress? Well, I OBSESS about the lengha. There isn’t an Indian wedding that passes me by that I am not completely enamored by the bride’s lengha. The colors, the embroidery, the style, the fit of the blouse…to me, it’s the way they all come together to achieve that ultimate Indian bridal look. And today, our Maharani, Neetika, totally nailed it with this Sangeet lengha. It’s colorful, without being TOO colorful. It’s heavy, without being TOO heavy. When she wears this lengha, you know that she’s the lady of the hour, but she isn’t screaming it from the top of her lungs. Ahhh, once again, it’s that understated elegance that I totally love.

We are just getting warmed up.....back in a flash!