Nothing, and I mean nothing says drop-dead gorgeous like this modern Indian wedding reception.  The purple and blue lighting with the huge, white dance floor make this ballroom look dynamite.  I am a total sucker for these florals by Darryl & Co. but it is really the linens that are making my jaw drop.  The black and white damask table runners and lamp shade centerpieces make the room unique and interesting.  And, my favorite décor element of the bunch, the mirrored tables….all I can say is Omgeeee!  Top it off with a enormous six layer, square wedding cake with Indian bride and groom cake topper, and I am about to pass out!

From our Maharani, Anu :
Our reception resembled more of the marrying of contemporary American and Indian styles in that we wore traditional clothing in more updated styles, which we had the opportunity to help design since we had them made in India. Instead of the traditional bride/groom entrance, we hired a magician who created an illusion to make us appear on stage behind a Chinese screen and then we introduced our own family members. I love the damask print and incorporated it in our design by using damask black and white print in our tablecloths, runners, and even on our cake. We used splashes of royal blue, peacock green, and purple in the form of lighting and flowers surrounded by crystal and candles.  On either side of the four-sided bar, we had high, mirrored-top tables and within the spaces around the cross-shaped dance floor, we had lounge furniture pieces and smaller cocktail tables.   We also had our initials monogrammed on the bar and dance floor in a damask-style design. 
At the reception, we did a non-traditional entrance, by having an illusionist make us appear onstage behind Chinese screens.  Then we did the honors of introducing our family members ourselves.  The party went on late into the night with the aid of our dhol-players who banged the drums to the beat of the songs and got even the most hesitant dancers to shake their groove thangs! 
I still feel like the whole wedding was a dream that I floated through all day long. I remember feeling so happy and excited all day and just in disbelief that I was a bride who was lucky enough to get married to the most amazing man and to have the most amazing two families to top it off. To see everything that we envisioned in the planning stages come to a reality was really a dream come true. I have to say that I look at the pictures and video often to really remember what that day was like. It mostly brings back those feelings of excitement, awe, and happiness rather than any specific memories. 
Congratulations to the beautiful couple and we will see you all tomorrow!