My heart started to sing, my eyes light up, and I had to catch my breath when I saw this very Maharani send off.  As if the stunning location wasn’t enough to make giddy, the sight of these two newlyweds leaving in a Rolls-Royce adorned with flowers was that perfect Maharani touch.  With one beautiful image after another by J. Cogliandro Photography, this romantic Texas Indian wedding is just the way I like to start my week.

From our Maharani, Anu :
Manav walked in with his immediate family as did I.  My brother and male cousins participated in the ceremony and Manav's sister "tied the knot" of our cloths (a traditional aspect of the ceremony).  After the ceremony, Manav had to negotiate for his shoes back from my sister and female cousins and friends with cash! Instead of a bouquet toss, I chose to do a Punjabi tradition in which I banged my wrist ornaments over the heads of my single, female family members and friends and waited to see over whose head the largest piece broke off onto. My brother and male cousins carried me and placed me into our Rolls Royce getaway car to ensure my safe send-off 
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