Tune in to Maharani Weddings Radio!
Imagine if you could listen to Maharani Weddings Radio in the car, on the web... while you shop?  Now you can! Maharani Weddings is now on Pandora Radio, which can be streamed through your iPhone, computer, or any other device with WiFi! It's totally free and only plays songs fit for a Maharani!
So check it out now and tweet it to all your friends!
 "I'm listening to @MaharaniWedding Radio (http://bit.ly/pqJurU) #pandora"

We've specifically selected tunes from you favorite Bollywood films, Hindi remixes, Bhangra songs and music from cross-culture aritists such as Jay Sean and for your listening pleasure:

Whether you're in the mood for wedding music or just love & romance....
Happy Listening Maharanis!