The pretty little sweet treats, deep purple and gold jewelry, and the groom's gorgeous cream colored sherwani, are just some of the many fabulous details I absolutely love about this wedding.  With over 1400 {that's fourteen HUNDRED people} votive candles lighting up the centerpieces and ballroom, it's no wonder that I am completely mesmerized by the images by Amna Siddiqui Photography.  The one unique element in this minimalist stage, which I think is a brilliant idea, is a live tree decorated with flowers!  It's a beautiful symbol of life and new beginnings, not to mention the bride and groom look angelic sitting under it.

From Maharani Samreen:
Our Shaadi day was a day full of memories that I'll keep close to my heart for  the rest of my life.  The Sheraton Chicago is an amazing hotel situated right  off of the Chicago River and beautiful Lake Michigan - none of which we were able to enjoy because it rained cats and dogs all day!  Regardless, it was still  an incredibly beautiful day for all of us. For the reception hall, I wanted a table layout that was unique and that really highlighted all of our decor.  The candelabras set on each table were custom designed by my father, and we worked endlessly with our florists to use  the right number and mix of flowers to highlight each.  We made smaller  candelabras and flowers for the rectangular tables and then one large 4-foot floral installation at the center of 4 rectangular tables.  We also used several  round tables, which were each decorated with a 4-foot tall candelabra and floral arrangement underneath it.  I had 2x3" frames made for each individual guest to hold their escort cards and each guest was greeted at their table with a favor (each favor was tagged for each individual guest), hand-made menu's by yours truly, and a traditional Pakistani batwa in a beautiful custom silk pouch. Since I'm the type of girl who orders only appetizers and desserts for dinner, it was important that our dessert bar be the show stopper of the event.  We worked closely with the pastry chef at the Sheraton to come up with the most succulent and tasty treats.  I contacted the head chef of one of my favorite Chicago restaurants to get the recipe for their amazing Chocolate Beignets,  which Chef Laura at the Sheraton pulled off spectacularly! We also had mango and passion fruit macaroons, cheese cake lollipops, raspberry and chocolate mousse squares and dessert shooters (white chocolate with chocolate ganache and strawberry shortcake - yum!) - just to name a few.  After dessert, guests were able to stay in the ballroom for a dance party with our DJ or head down one floor (and out of earshot of the loud music) to a beautiful river-front room with a live Pakistani ghazal singer. Our friends danced well through the wee hours with us.

I used to think that there was no bow on Earth cuter than Hello Kitty's...until I saw the one on this cake!
Stay tuned! It's not over yet!