Good Morning Maharanis!  It's Monday again, and I'm back with more!  Today's South Asian wedding is beyond fabulous  and it's from Chicago, which is in the Top 5 on my list of "Places I Need to Visit" --especially since my dad can never stop telling stories about his days at Northwestern! From what I've heard, Chicago is a cosmopolitan place of beauty, intellect, and has a huge desi vibe!   So, it's no wonder that Maharani Samreen's Mehndi in Orland Park is just that. Her green and gold color palette brings the soiree together in a striking-ly, breath-taking-ly beautiful way!  This perfect shade of emerald green has caught my fancy,  but after looking at her multi-colored jewelry set, it's impossible not to want one too. I think she should wear that necklace everyday, after all it matches EVERYTHING!

From the lovely Maharani Samreen:
From start to finish, our wedding was more than we ever could have imagined - we were surrounded by family, friends and most important of all - love!  My  fiance is of Palestinian and Egyptian descent and I am a first generation  Pakistani-American, so it was important to us to incorporate both of our cultures as well as our personal style into our wedding.  I was an extremely hands-on bride and did not hire a wedding planner, but my family and friends were heavily involved in the planning process with me, so everything went along seamlessly.  Through our overseas manufacturing contacts, my parents and I were able to have many items custom-made for our Mehndi and Shaadi - including linens, overlays, and runners, centerpieces, gender-specific favors, escort card frames and table number frames, and last but not least, candelabras.  So during our entire wedding planning process, my parents, my fiance and I spent countless hours designing and approving (and in many cases, denying) samples until everything was perfect.

If you thought the green was great, here's a clue for what's coming up next: RED!  But not your traditional red... a glossy red!