After a totally breathtaking week on Maharani Weddings, we are going to go out with a bang!  I hope you remembered your waterproof mascara today, because this Pakistani highlight reel, set in the gorgeous city of Vancouver and with insane, and I mean INSANE, camera tricks by Jose Ortiz Films, will make you need a whole tissue box or two.  Although the visuals are ridiculously incredible, what really makes Jose Ortiz stand out like a star in my mind, is the way he cut and layered the vocals.  I completely melted when I heard the bride and groom say, “your heart, your smile…”  In the famous words of Rachel Zoe, “I die!”  So, if you ever wanted to know what we look for in our Platinum Guide members it’s brilliant all around work like today’ piece by Jose Ortiz Films!

We have an awesome Sweetheart Sunday planned for this week, so make sure you check in with us then!  Happy weekend Maharanis!