Buckle up wedding junkies and get ready to be completely blown away.  Today’s fabulous Atlanta Indian wedding is filled with charming details tucked around every corner, and romance is in the air!  I must admit that this is one wedding that was love at very first sight.  Yes, the lovely images by Fotolicious Photography sent my heart a flutter, but it was the zeal, enthusiasm, and personality of our Maharani, Tanika, that instantaneously captured my heart.  So, make sure that you take a moment to read below and get all her juicy tid bits! Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

From our Maharani, Tanika :
My mehndi/sangeet was separate from my husband so that we could both enjoy being with our families the night before the big day. My sangeet was the only event I did not plan or had any idea about, it was literally a surprise and I love it. As a bride you get so involved with everything and don't know if you'll enjoy any of your events but my parents and friends made sure I got that chance. The decor, food, and company made it so enjoyable. Not only that, but my father even sang a song during the sangeet and wowed the crowd! 
My mehndi was done at home since it was more of a private affair. I dressed very casual and wanted to be relaxed since I'd be sitting with the mehndi on my hands and feet for awhile. My in-laws came and brought me mehndi shagun with an outfit and jewelry to wear the day after the wedding for when I visit my parents home and my in-laws home. My mother-in-law is a boutique owner who custom designs wedding outfits and does most of the bridals in Atlanta, so she had an outfit custom made for me. All my other outfits I designed myself and chose to surprise my mother-in-law with what I was wearing. If I had her design it then there wouldn't be much for her to look forward to as far as my clothes were concerned.
My choora was custom made from India, it has both my husband's name along with mine. Supposedly that's the new trend in India and I definitely jumped on it!
More coming up, so don't move a muscle!