There is so much creativity in this Laguna Hills Indian Fusion wedding that it spills right on over into the reception!  From the beautiful crystal centerpieces to the adorable little mini-cupcakes, this one is jam packed with Indian wedding ideas.  And, let's just pause for a moment and chat about this adorable idea - instead of throwing the bouquet & garter, this couple chose to thrown stuffed animal elephants. Stuffed animals you may ask?!  Well, when each was bearing a zipper in the ear that held a gift card, it made the game much, much, sweeter.  And, speaking of sweet things, I especially love this delectable treat table!  It not only appeals to my sweet-tooth, but with all the matching reception décor, it's the perfect eye candy. The deep purple and dark green colors fuse so well! It makes me want to just sit and stare!

Hope you have had another fabulous Monday with me! See you next week for more!