I can’t think of a SWEETER way to end the week than with this charming highlight reel by Binita Patel.  There are so many things that I love about this South Indian, but let me start off by saying there nothing more utterly romantic than when I see a bride getting married at her home.  The home you grew up in, the home you ate breakfast in, the home that was there for you all those years.  I get teary just thinking about it.  This Indian wedding is filled to the brim with super adorable touches, and you guys know how I have a thing for South Indian brides.  It true Maharani fashion, Shivani blended modern style with traditional touches, and I completely flipped when I saw her hair.  You will want to take note of it, copy it, and rock it on your wedding day, or even just to the next one you’re attending.  Lucky for us it’s Film-y Friday so we can check it out from all angels!

Have a fabulous weekend Maharanis, and make sure that you check back with us on Sunday!