You are never going to believe what I have to tell you. The first, and most important, piece of wedding advice I ever give anyone is, “Let everything go on your big day.” Well, it’s 100% true, and here’s why.  It rained on this gorgeous bride’s wedding day!  Some June gloom and scattered showers unexpectedly blew in for this San Jose Indian Wedding, but that didn’t stop this bright and cheery affair from going off without a hitch. They simply grabbed a big, white tent, and proceed to say “I do!” It’s one of those weddings that threw out all the rules, and made sure every detail mattered all without skipping a beat.  Asiel Design's overflowing saffron and red roses and the uber-charming, gazebo style mandap  were no match for a few pesky little rain drops. And, of course, Ambiance by Tejel, took planning to a whole new level. If you ask me…it’s TOTAL perfection.

More fun on the way....back in a flash!