After a ceremony in paradise (literally!) and a love story fit to be the next Bollywood super-hit, it only gets better with a gorgeous San Juan reception!  With royal purple and aqua blue lighting, the ambiance is just perfect for an evening of love, romance, dance and laughter! I can’t stop staring at these photos by Maloman Photographers and wishing I were there! It’s all so picture-perfect from her mega-watt Maharani smile to her mega-long flowing hair (that every girl dreams of having!) to her mega-fabulous gold, blue and purple lengha!

And with that, we’ll leave off with Nina and Vinay’s super cute and super inspiring Happily Ever After story!
Although Vinay and Nina met at the University of Michigan in 1999, it wasn’t until after ten years, hundreds of emails, thousands of pings, and countless texts when their relationship bloomed to the next level.
 As most relationships which are rooted in friendship do, Vinay and Nina’s unity epitomizes an optimal unbreakable bond. They have seen each other across different states (New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan), within different stages (law school, employment, unemployment) and through the highest peaks and the lowest lows, but always as each others’ constant.
Everything fell into place when Nina moved back to Manhattan in 2009. It was then that they realized that their “friend” was someone they couldn’t imagine living without - someone they didn’t want to live without… it was then they understood that their place was with each other!
Thank you for making my first day so fabulously fun!  Bye for now Maharanis!