It’s no secret that I love a big, wedding dress, and today’s beautiful number is just up my alley.  This fusion Christian/Hindu wedding was deep in tradition.  So much so, that they had each ceremony separately.  The bride donned a wedding dress and while friend and family headed to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Kansas City.  After a sweet ceremony they tied the knot again in this Hindu ceremony before their darling reception.  Filled with DIY touches like ceremony programs and heart shaped place cards, and the beyond beautiful wedding cake, you have yourself a pretty fabulous affair!

From our Maharani, Sindhu :
Our wedding and reception were a combination of Christian elegance, Hindu tradition and well….pure fun!    I am Christian and my, now, husband is Hindu so we decided to infuse our Indian heritage and our love of life and fun into our fusion Christan/Hindu wedding. We did all the planning on our own and I spent a ton of time on your website getting ideas. I had never even been to a Hindu wedding before, and all I knew about them was what I had seen in Hindi movies. But my husband and I wanted both ceremonies to be completely our own. We love the customs and tradition of both ceremonies so we decided to stick with very traditional styles for both. Most of our Indian guests had not been to a Christian ceremony and the majority of our non-Indian guests had not been to a Hindu ceremony, so we made sure to make everything easy to understand and in English. We chose red and gold for the colors of both ceremonies to keep with traditional Indian themes, my dream for my wedding was to have my bridesmaids in very traditional red and gold sarees with ornate jewellery. We planned a very elegant, elaborate Christian ceremony in a beautiful old Episcopal church.  Our Hindu ceremony was in a very simple but elegant mandap, and we envisioned a romantic and regal ceremony. My mother in law was gracious enough to travel to India and buy all our Indian wedding clothes, to our specifications. She bought a stunning lengha for the ceremony along with a sparkling saree for the reception, and jewellery to match. My bridesmaids received beautiful sarees, with exquisite jewelery as well.  One of my favorite parts was while getting ready for the Hindu ceremony it took almost all my bridesmaids to get me ready and they were so amazing to stay with me and support me throught the day and the months leading to my wedding. We did undertake a few do it yourself projects including two sets of programs and placecards. Our reception vision was fun with vibrant colors, so our centerpieces were bright and colorful as well. We also had a photobooth to entertain our guests which gave us some crazy memories! It was an incredible day and we laughed and had fun while dancing the night away!
Congrats to the lovely couple and we will see you all tomorrow!