It’s summer time in San Francisco, which means wind and fog, so today’s bright and cheery,  farm inspired Indian wedding by Kim James Photo is putting a little spring in my step. Filled with charm throughout what better place to have a fusion Indian wedding than a California B&B?  I love that idea! Eggplant, usually a color reserved for fall, drapes this elegant mandap and looks romantic-ly elegant in the sunshine.  Add in a few more shades of the hue and a dash of red and you might just have a new summer time Maharani favorite!

This beautiful image by Kim James Photo has touched my blogger heart.  I know we could talk about the bride's beautiful purple wedding sari and how amazing the contrasting white jai malas look, but what I really want to say is wow.  Wow to the moment that Kim James Photo captured.  And, wow to the spirit of what a wedding day is really about.
More on the way!