It's finally time!  If you saw last weeks trailer by AVL Films, you know exactly what I am talking about.  For those of you know missed it last week {shame on you!}, we debuted AVL Film's latest concept teaser that the bride and groom had distributed to family and friends before their wedding last Saturday.  I can only imagine the energy and excitement this cause over the much anticipated full length concept film.  Well, just like you would have guessed we are going to give you a piece of Harpreet & Kevin's reception with the full film concept film by AVL Films called Jab Meil Tu.  It's totally approachable spin on concept films and the entire Maharani crew gave it a uncontested two thumbs up! Oh, and just a tip, make sure you watch the whole thing because the out takes at the end are totally hysterical!

Happy Friday Maharanis!