Today we are unveiling the last of our finalist in our Mehndi Maharani 2011 competition.  Who will walk away with the crown?  Well, the voting is up to YOU and our celebrity guest judge, Ash Kumar.  Ash will be meeting with the Maharani Weddings team on Friday to decide who wins, but his vote is only 50%.  The other 50% is up to our fabulous Maharani community.  So, make sure that you comment for your favorite Mehndi artist by placing a comment for her.
Next up is the truly talented shop of KM Henna Artistry.  Owner, Kiran Meghani drew her first swirl of henna at 8 years old and was completely hooked.  Her hobby grew into her job seven years ago, and Kiran’s passion comes through her gorgeous work.  Kiran uses each bride as a creative challenge to push herself to the next level, and even incorporating one bride’s personally designed wedding monogram into bridal mehndi!  From Kiran, “Custom mehdni designs makes the experience personal and unique…it’s the best part of my job!”

Vote for KM Henna Artistry by placing a vote below!  More mehndi coming up!