Grab your passport Maharanis, because we are about to take a tropical trip!  Our next Film-y Friday feature is a magical destination Indian weddings from....are you ready for this...Costa Rica!  Now, this is the type of wedding I would love to re-do for myself!  Grab my hubby, a few friends & family (okay maybe like, a hundred), and jet off to some warm, sunny paradise to say "I do."  Daniel Boswell and his crew from Imagique Weddings created this amazing highlight reel that will make you feel the sun on your face and hear the waves crashing all afternoon.   After seeing this inspiring seaside affair, you might just need to order a fruity umbrella drink tonight!

From Daniel Boswell, of Imagique Weddings :
What do you get when you combine an exotic location, a charismatic couple and surround them with very loving family and friends? You have a recipe for a life-changing experience for all involved. So much to say about this incredible experience that could not possibly be encapsulated in a blog post.
We normally do same day edits for our South Asian clients and up to this point, had never done a highlights of an Indian wedding. Talking with the Arjun initially, I was actually very excited that he opted not to do a same day edit as it allowed us to focus on capturing everything without the stress of editing . It also allowed us the luxury of adding some very poignant speeches from their family and closest loved ones including some words from the couples young nephew, Krish, who is probably the most precocious 5 year old you will ever see. (You’ll see what I mean) Then there was Arjun’s sister Laximi, who had lost her voice about 5 minutes into the trip but still managed to get up there and express how much her brother meant to her through her cracking voice. Lack of voice was not going to stop this girl.
Shot with my good buddy Joe Photo who is not only an amazingly talented photographer , but is literally one of the coolest dudes you could ever hang out with. Matt , Joe and I definitely took advantage of Barcelo’s inclusive resort.
The groom gave me a couple songs to use but I had settled on the main song before I even boarded the plane for Costa Rica, I knew once I heard this song that it would be the featured part of this highlight. It fits
They have a saying there in Costa Rica; Pura Vida. It means pure life.
We are wrapping up our first fabulous week on the revamped Maharani Weddings!  I would love to know, what's you favorite new feature?