I might just buy a fainting bed for my office because of Indian weddings like this one. Beating out the gorgeous cliff side Hindu ceremony, the reception is my absolute favorite part of this glorious Indian wedding.  With the stunning big wave theme, and blue, blue, blue everywhere, it’s hard not to stop and stare. I am totally swooning over these centerpieces.  They are elegantly architectural, modern but done with classic, white flowers.   I don’t know why I am surprised, because this is exactly what Square Root Designs does best.  They consistently take my breath away, and push their designs to be bigger, better, and more creative than their last.  Top it off with flawless execution by Pink Rock Events, and this wedding lands exactly where it should...in the Maharani Hall of Fame!

Okay Maharanis, now wasn't that a lovely way to end this Thursday?  See you all tomorrow for some fabulous Film-y Friday fun!