A Maharani Confession….I never did an engagement session.  I couldn’t imagine dragging my long distance fiancé out on the beach to skip around and do the Bollywood-movie-style running toward each other shot, when we only had two Saturdays a month to spend together. To give up pancakes in bed for a windy, San Francisco beach, I said, "No way."  And, BOY, did I make a mistake.  I see my friend's homes flanked with images from their engagement sessions and I feel a twang of regret.
You all know that we I am obsessed with Indian weddings over here, but because I never did an engagement session I love, love, love seeing sweet E-sessions from all over the globe. From hip, cool, and urban to props & pansies, creative e-shoots that are a reflection of the couple are a total ten in my book.So, I put together a collection of my favorite little engagement sessions, called Sweetheart Sundays which will be launching on June 12th.  And, here is a teaser of our first Sweetheart Sunday by Simran Studios...
So, all you engaged Maharanis grab your groom, grab your photographer, and make sure that you send us a submission for Sweetheart Sundays!