Just as I promised in my earlier post, today’s juicy little engagement party from California has a ton of DIY details.  One of my personal favorite details from my own engagement party was the handmade invitations by my dear friend, Ann.  So, when I learned that this bride-to-be and her bhabi made every, single, dingle invitation by hand I started to squeal with delight!  Make sure that you read the bride’s details below on all the stationary she assembled below.

From our Maharani, Deepti :

Planning our engagement in San Francisco all the way from Chicago, seemed like an impossible task until my cousin introduced me to Maharani Weddings. I was instantly hooked. The platinum guide became my savior...it is truly the bible of vendors! I brainstormed all my other ideas off the website as well. I'm all about do-it-yourself projects and I knew I wanted to add a personal touch to the event, so instead of ordering generic invitations, my bhabhi and I made all the invitations by hand. This involved a daily trip to Michaels for supplies, but if you want to create it, you can literally find everything you need in that store! Of course, now with a color theme in place, we had to stick to it. So I made my own menu cards as well. We all procrastinate, and I was literally gluing crystals on menu cards while i was ironing my sari. I went a step further and designed the welcome itineraries that we gave to all our out of town guests. Each piece was made with the same color theme, and hand placed crystals, to give it a personal touch. My condo got overtaken by glue sticks, scissors, crystals and vellum paper, but all the arts and crafts time became a big stress reliever. I wanted to do something different with table name cards, so I did photo cards! Something like that is only possible today thanks to Facebook! I wish I could have been around to see the looks on peoples faces when they saw their pictures instead of their names! Each card was also on the same paper stock with crystals, and held up by a small gold elephant. My guestbook idea, the engravable frame, was a feature on the Maharani Blog. This was a completely new concept for all of our guests, and it showed...they were in awe by it! Being this detail oriented drove me crazy and there were literally hundreds of email threads between my sisters, sister-in-law, and fiancé about each new idea that popped into my head. They kept me sane. I want to thank Maharani Weddings for putting together the Platinum Guide. I did everything over the phone so I put blind faith in them all, literally. With their help, the event was truly unforgettable! 

Freshen up your lipstick and powder your nose....we will be right back!