It’s the very first time that we have ever reserved an entire day to one Film-y Friday feature, but when you see the gem I have up my sleeve, you will know exactly why I did so. The rockstar of Indian wedding cinematography, Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures, called me to let me know his latest masterpiece, Flawless, was ready, and the butterflies in my tummy immediately took flight.  Kevin and I had chatted about his project Flawless a few times during the past year, and each time, as Kevin let a few strategic tid bits slip out, I became more and more anxious to see the final product.  

All of Kevin’s projects are flawless pieces of perfection, so what exactly is Flawless?  Flawless is a concept movie that is much more than a story.  In order to create a masterpiece that is perfectly crafted to match the personality of the bride and groom, Kevin spent about six weeks on the pre-production alone.  Kevin sat down with the couple, and really got to know them. What do they like, what makes them tick, what is unique about them individually and then as a couple. 

As with any great concept video, the storyline has to be true to the people the movie is about, so it is believable when it is unveiled amongst family and friends. After getting to know the bride & groom inside and out, he finally created a unique, tailored story. The approach was more like a movie and less like any other wedding film.  

The story of Flawless is filled with dramatic twists and turns all inspired by the couple’s unique engagement experience.The groom planned the most perfect engagement for his bride to be.  Included was a scavenger hunt, a yatch, a dinner, and of course a ring. Unfortunately for the groom, the day didn’t turn out as smoothly as planned, so Pacific Pictures put their trademark Hollywood spin on it to create the film.

So, what exactly is Flawless about?  Well, let’s see…how do I explain this?  It’s about a couple whose occupation is to rob jewelry stores.  And, when planning a grand diamond heist, the robbers frame our precious bride and groom with the crime.  The film is filled with action packed scenes, motorcycle tricks, and a police chase.

But before we get to the actual movie, take a look at some never before seen behind the scenes images from the set of Flawless.  It's out of this world!



Count down to the world premier begins now...see you at noon PST for the debut of Flawless by Pacific Pictures!