Finally, it’s here!  We are going to unveil the trailer of Flawless, by Pacific Pictures.  So get comfy Maharanis because you won’t want to miss a split second of this action packed concept film. 

The two questions everyone has about these types of blockbuster wedding films by Pacific Pictures are how much do they cost, and how on earth do these work into the wedding day?  

The bride and groom spent about the same amount as a Prius on this film, but that’s only because Kevin Shahinian went through his little black book and called in some hefty favors; permits for streets, borrowed cameras & equipment, and even a loaner 10 carat diamond from Stuart Moore as a prop. So, if you take all those freebies into account, you are looking at this film costing as much as a brand spanking new Bently.  

I sat down with planner, Preeti Doshi Shah, of Spotlight Style who was in charge of coordinating this Indian wedding extravaganza and asked her about this film’s unveiling at the reception.

From Preeti :

I loved working on this wedding, because everything was out of the box.  In order to really surprise our guests, we knew that we had to play a little trick on them.  So, when the grand enterance was suppose to happen, we announced the bride & grooms names.  The doors opened, and they were no where to be found.  We announced them again, still nothing.  Finally, one of the groom’s cousin’s came running in and said, “Uncle, something happened  to Ravi & Rekha.”  The curtains parted ways to two big screens and the movie started with a news report.  It was amazing.  It took about 10 mins before everyone caught on, and then finally at the end of the movie, Ravi & Rekha entered on a motorcycle with indoor fireworks by Zambelli Fireworks!

 I mean, that is SO freakin' exciting, I can hardly contain myself.  I wish I had been a fly on the wall that night.  Okay Maharanis, before I faint from all the excitement, I am off to lunch with my hubby.  See you all next week!

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This fairytale Indian wedding from Florida, truly had a dream team of vendors.  Big thanks to everyone for bringing this dream wedding to life!

Band : Sove dhol / Band : Dr. Soni Indian Music Group  / Band : Shenai Group / Beauty:  Always in Style Kyanna Rodriguez / Beauty : Studio Sush,  Susmita Patel / Catering :  Madras Cafe / DJ :  Prime Djs / Entertainment : Pyro Fusion Entertainment LLC  / Entertainment : Dreamark Entertainment / Entertainment : Zambelli Fireworks  / Lighting : National Production Services, Inc. / Lighting : PSAV lighting company  / Mandap/Florist : Xquisite Events, Inc. / Mandap/Florist : Occasions by Shangri-la Remmal Karamsadkar / Music : Carlos Abanto  / Officiate : Desipandit LLC / Officiate : Smeeta Priest Smeeta  / Planning & Design : Spotlight Style / Photography : Shira Weinberger Photography, LLC / Rentals : Classic Party Rentals  / Rentals : American Portable Air Conditioning / Staffing NurseCore Miami / Transportation : Hot Scooter Rental / Transportation/Barat : Zoological Wildlife Foundation / Venue Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa / Cinematography : Pacific Pictures