Okay Maharanis, you are in for a real treat today.  Every day the Maharani team and I scour the globe to find the most beautiful, the most chic, the most awe-inspiring Indian weddings around, and today’s Sikh wedding from Los Angeles really has our jaws on the floor.  Photographed by Smita Photography, this traditional Indian wedding pulls out all the stops.  So, cozy up darlings, because this little fairytale starts with a gorgeous red lengha, glittering jewelry, and a drop dead gorgeous Maharani.

Indian-wedding-Indian-bride-red-lengha-5 copy
From Smita, of Smita Photography:

This day, eight years in the making, represented not only the beginning of a journey for two souls, but the joining of two families. As Sukhmani got ready, her nerves fluttering with excitement, she thought of all those that came from around the world for their big day. How incredibly lucky she was!

When TJ arrived at the temple, he asked, ‘how is she? is she stressed?’. He had spent the last eight years by her side, being there for her through the peaks and valleys of life. Today, of all days, he wanted nothing but happiness for his bride.

They first saw each other when she sat down, after she had walked into the temple. It was a stolen look, and then a smile. Him, beaming from ear to ear and her, blushing. They sat with their parents and siblings on either side.

The day for her family was bitter-sweet. On the one hand, their daughter and sister was marrying an amazing man. She was about to embark on one of the happiest journeys of her life. On the other hand, she was leaving their home..where they witnessed her first step, laughed with her, and played with her. Both Sukhmani and her mom teared up during the ceremony, passing the Kleenex between each other.

As her brother said at the reception, he felt an empty nest syndrome when she first left for college. But he knew that he could keep Sukhmani close to his heart by being just like her…”being kind like her, being responsible like her and loving others like her”. At the end of the day, Sukhmani hugged everyone before their grand exit as husband and wife. As she hugged her father, she whispered the words ‘thanks dad for everything’. It is these words that would make a father weep with joy and gratitude.

Loads of gorgeousness on the way....stay tuned.