We are starting off the week with a love story SO sweet that it will take you back to elementary school.  Our bride and groom’s affection started in grade school, and from the looks of their romantic Indian wedding, the fairytale is just beginning.  This glamorous affair was all beautifully captured by Keith Cephus Photography, and artfully designed by Partyland Flower and Events. 


From our Maharani, Anjali :

Shishir and I have had crushes on each since we were in grade school.  He still remembers me as “cute” back then- I had frizzy hair, plastic glasses, and braces!  I remember him as a nice boy who didn’t make fun of my hair, glasses, braces, and the fact I stood a foot taller than all of the other girls my age.  Shishir lived in Pennsylvania and me in Virginia.  We kept meeting every two years or so because our families are good friends.  In 2000, Shishir and I saw each other all “grown-up” and the rest is history.  He even took me to my senior prom!  Our relationship remained long distance through undergrad, work, Shishir’s move to Charlotte. NC.  Once I finished nursing school, I moved down to Charlotte as we both thought it was time to take our relationship more seriously.  We were officially engaged in June of 2009. Shishir proposed to me on our “engagementversary” in 2010.   I never knew what path our relationship would take but I have always known that we would spend our lives together.  I can’t think of a stronger, more passionate love that we share for each other.  Each willing to sacrifice so the other can be happy.  Each encouraging the other to keep striving to be happy & healthy.  Each just totally in love with the other for who they really are. 

Keith Cephus Photography has a magical way of capturing Indian wedding.  The lighting and mood of Keith's romantic photography style is absolutely perfect for these sweethearts!  

Last chance to finish up your homework assignment Maharanis.  If you haven't cleaned your engagement ring yet, grab a toothbrush, grab some windex and meet us back here in an hour!  Be right back!