When it is sunny outside, San Francisco is the prettiest city in the world.  I know some people may love Paris or Rome, but my heart belongs in San Francisco.  So, it came as no surprise to me that when this bride from Chicago, and groom from New York City, were looking for a destination wedding location, it was San Francisco that they settled on for their glamourous Indian wedding.  Created by Wedding Documentary this cool highlight reel shows off the signature elements of the city, the beauty of the couple, and captured all the lovable moments from their wedding day.  Oh, and your ears are not deceiving you...it's the same song as last week's feature by Ray Roman.  It's fun to watch the two highlights back to back!


I am obsessed with the cable cars in the begining of the video. And, doesn't this look like the most fun baraat EVER?!  Next time someone is having a baraat in San Francisco, email us so the Maharani Weddings team can come down and have some fun!

Okay Maharanis, here’s your weekend homework assignment : I want everyone to polish their engagement rings this weekend because on Monday we have a sensationally fun contest launching, and every Maharani will want her bling looking it’s best. Since you know I am terrible at keeping secrets, here’s a hint : What does an engagement ring, Whole Foods, and an all natural, sparkling energy drink have in common? Tune in Monday to find out and play in our latest contest!

Happy weekend Maharanis!