If you are just joining us today, we are featuring a gorgeous Sikh wedding from Montreal, Canada. This beautiful affair from Robert Pattigrew {who happens to be Celine Dion’s wedding florist} and Greer Cicarelli Photo has us completely fixated.  Of course, the details are supurb, but the sweet bride and groom is really what have captured my heart.  And, by looking at the bride’s megawatt smile, you would never know that there was a torrential downpour on her wedding day.    

Indian-wedding-sikh-ceremony-5 copy

From our Maharani, Barinder :

I was born in India but raised in NY and my husband is born and raised in Montreal. I was living in a small town called Plattsburgh when I met my husband though his cousin and you can say it was love at first sight for the both of us! We knew we wanted to spend our lives with each other from the day that we met.I am a very traditional person and wanted to stick very much to the traditional Sikh colors for many things but my husband is an Indian with a more modern twist so he had a lot to do and say with our wedding planning and colors. I went to India and shopped in Punjab for one full month – My main spots were Jalandhar & Ludhiana and I found some great selection from both places! I was like a little kid gone crazy in a candy store, there was so much to pick from and such great variety !!! Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to wear a traditional red lengha on my wedding, so I had that exact color and picture in mind when I went to India however believe it or not it was very hard to find a traditional all red lengha because most of the styles had red and green in it or some blue in it. So after almost 2 weeks of constantly shopping I found my dream wedding lengha in Ludhiana! My mother in law and sister in law had also gone to India for all the wedding shopping ( but during different times) so I completely trusted them with buying my reception lengha! It was a beautiful purple’ish type of color and it was so beautiful yet so different from my wedding lengha!

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